Kids Basketball Association

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About the K.B.A.

For more than 20 years, the Kids Basketball Association (KBA) has been building skills and developing  talent among boys and girls in the Rochester City School District. As many as fourteen schools and over 200 fifth- and sixth-graders have competed in a high school-type atmosphere complete with professional referees and the support of their parents and families.

The founding concept was to help these future student-athletes to prepare academically and athletically for the modified, junior varsity and varsity levels. Volunteer coaches, who work in their school buildings, along with principals, administrators, teachers and paraprofessionals, monitor  their daily activities, serving as coaches, counselors, big brothers and sisters, and mentors.

Men like Phil Johnson and Andre Hicks, two of the original coaches, realized that if our students had a basketball in one hand, they needed a book in the other hand to be successful in life. Over the years, many schools have participated in the KBA, some for a year, some for several years.  The  volunteer commitment is now ingrained in the school culture.

Usually, tryouts at each school usually start in October, the season begins during the first week of December, and the program culminates with an exciting double-elimination March Madness tournament. The players are determined and committed, sometimes practicing at 7:30 a.m. to avoid conflicts with after-school programs. Because teams have no budgeted expenses, they raise funds to to buy uniforms, pay insurance, cover van transportation, and pay game officials. 
KBA's stature has grown over the years and prepared many young men and young women for the high school level as it emphasizes scholarship, character building, teamwork and basketball fundamentals.  KBA's legacy is its development of boys and girls for basketball, school and life.